Month: March 2017

Fixing the US Economy Through Sports Investing

The world is full of fans of sports, both playing and watching which creates a passion that some will argue is stronger than anything on this planet. Some people like to convert their passion for sports into a career and for those that can’t play the sports, there are jobs writing about sports, talking about sports, sports stores, teaching sports,etc, etc. Today, those looking to profit from their passion in sportsmay have a better way.

With President Trump being a business man, one would think he would be looking for ways to ‘Make America Great Again’. I ask the question – is there really a better way than the tax dollars that would be generated from a ‘Sports Stock Market’?

This market would actually create jobs and give the leagues the added revenue that makes sports betting so attractive. An investment market doesn’t carry the social problems that betting on …

The Next Web

Are you hooked on Pandora and questioning if there are any related sites out there? There are many other websites like Pandora available for music followers to enjoy.

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This gadget appears in the sidebar of latest blogs by default, but it surely’s only meaningful for a weblog site. …