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SECTION three. Council of Medical Know-how Education, Its Composition. — There may be hereby established a Council of Medical Know-how Training, hereafter referred to as Council, which shall be composed of the Secretary of Training or Director of Non-public Education as Chairman, the Director of the Bureau of Research and Laboratories of the Department of Health as Vice-Chairman, and the Chairman and two members of the Board of Medical Expertise, the dean of the Institute of Hygiene of the College of the Philippines, a consultant of the deans or heads of the personal schools of medical technology, and the presidents of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists and the Philippine Society of Pathologists, as members.

SECTION 12. Elimination of Board Members. — Any member of the Board could also be eliminated by the President of the Philippines for neglect of obligation, incompetency, malpractice or unprofessional, unethical, immoral or dishonorable conduct after having been given opportunity to defend himself in a correct administrative investigation; Supplied, That during the strategy of investigation, the President shall have the power to suspend such member under investigation and appoint a brief member in his place.

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The Silver Edition has the same high performance specs as the popular high definition Hero2 digital camera. It has changed and features built-in Wi-Fi. It is 25% lighter and 30% smaller. Additionally it is gear mountable and wearable and waterproof to 197 ft. It has the potential of capturing ultra large 1080p 30 fps, 720p fps video and eleven megapixel pictures at 10 photographs per second fee.

One other factor I’d level out is that globalization isn’t a new phenomenon, however the scope is. International trade goes all the way again to the spice commerce from medieval occasions, and the slave trade that supplied labor to American plantations. Replacing mechanical labor with human labor will make financial sense, however that is not always a very good factor.