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General Considerations When Playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

If you are looking for as free to play game to install on your mobile phone dragon ball z dokkan battle could be that thing one thing that kills your boredom. Master the important points and you will realize how amazing the game becomes over time and it could turn out to be your next obsession. Some strategies could be of help in playing the game right as indicated below.

Learn How To Attack

Understand ways of becoming stronger than Goku, in as much that is the strongest character trained to fight better than anyone else. The easiest way to do so is through increasing your characters energy levels which involves getting those Ki spheres that have similar color as yours.

Know Which Character Maker A Perfect Link Skills Well

Most people who are only beginning in dragon ball z dokkan battle game never understand how link skills work and in most cases they are not bothered to understand how that increases their chances of performing well. These links are useful in increases your bonuses depending on which characters are next to one another; therefore, you have to make your arrangement properly if one is looking forward to making the right deal.

You Are Going On An Unknown Journey

The game pushes you to go to places you have never been when it comes to gaming experience, encounter harsh zones and still get a way of coming out strong which teaches one to keep pushing.

Have Your Eyes In The Fighters

Check your attackers move because one does not want to be caught off-guard and you have to be ready to take action. Putting a string character in front changes the game because they are able to attack your opponent which is a way of reducing too much damage that could have reduced your gaming chances.

Look Forward To Mastering The Game First

Any game requires the player to understand the rules and play a couple of times without expecting to win, just as a way of familiarizing yourself.

Keep Your Dragon Stones

Let your dragon stones be used in better places rather than redeem then when the game is over, and you were hoping to continue. If you have enough money to buy dragon stones, them one can go ahead and redeem the ones they have acquired but remember there are other means to make the game better that one can consider. The dragon stones are seven and after collecting all of them, a start will be given an option of stating what they want to do, pick the option of more allies as it increases your slots to ten.

Remember to check the game daily if you are a starter for there are other things to learn and keep looking for tips to assist in mastering the game.

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