one hundred Funny Things To Say To Siri

Siri is the funniest feature in your iPhone. Apple’s voice recognition software program is like an clever personal assistant—she may help you get issues done, like ship texts, make calls, and schedule meetings. However she’s also charming, intelligent, and sometimes pretty sassy, too, programmed to supply great one-liners together with good recommendation.

Being a birder is all about being conscious and conscious of what chicken movements look like, the sorts of sounds they make, and what species you’re likely to find in a given environment. Yow will discover birds wherever: in your backyard or in your avenue, however you would be better off heading to a park. The most interesting locations to find birds are away from cities since that is where most species of birds really feel safe, and you’re more more likely to see more selection.

On this recreation, the participant is on the Imperial side of the conflict, piloting small however lethal TIE Fighter ships. As the story progresses, completely different missions are provided to the participant, with acceptable ships to fly: convoy protection, assaults on a station, blowing up a Insurgent frigate, or patrolling a sector with a squad of TIE’s.

I was wandering around a thrift store the other day, trying out their cabinets of second-hand CDs. Anyone had as soon as thought it was a good idea to purchase each of those albums, but has since decided they didn’t need them anymore. So, they offered them to the thrift store, where another particular person can decide them up for a dirt-low cost price. The music lives on, for one more technology.

Prynt has developed a smartphone case that allows you to flip your cellphone into an instantaneous digicam. You plug your smartphone into the case, snap or choose a photo, and print the photo with the case. The Prynt case does not require ink, which is embedded within the paper, doesn’t require Bluetooth or WiFi pairing, and features an inner battery in order that it does not pull power out of your phone.