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What are the Implications of Stress on your Health?

There are times in your life when stress overwhelms you because of the challenges you are facing. Trauma is as a result of brain reaction or response to various situations. Most issues that you feel are out of your control may get you stressed. Some situations in your life will be received by your brain with positivity or negativity depending on your brain’s zeal to fight. There are times when your mind reacts well to the challenge at hand. When the response to the condition of stress is responded to positively, there is a likelihood of a better outcome. The brain at times will fail to fight the issue and lead to trauma in one’s mind. Stress is caused by the threat or loss of ones resources. Most people affected by stress include women, those who earn so little and the younger adults. Stress leads to a lot of health issues that you should run away from by avoiding stress.

Stress is not directly linked to causing illnesses. Trauma will nonetheless, interact with your genetics to lead to some negative health conditions. What stress mostly does, is contribute to influencing a disease in your body.

With stress, you are putting the well-being of your heart at risk of so many negative health issues. Brain unrest will lead people to abuse of drugs like alcohol or cigarettes among other issues that negatively impact on your heart health. With the drinking, smoking or overeating, excess weight gain and blood pressure occurs.
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Stress is also linked to the risk of heart attack especially work stress. Deep rage and tension are outcomes of stress which can multiply the level of heart attack from one to nine.
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Over the years, stress is associated, with the risk of diabetes. When one is stressed up, production of the hormone cortisol is increased. How stress is linked to diabetes is through the increased levels of insulin, resulting from the extra cortisol produced. There are women who suffer from PTSD and are the ones at a higher risk of getting diabetes. Stress with diabetic persons affect them even more. It becomes more difficult for diabetes patients with stress to handle their condition. The patients of diabetes therefore will not care for themselves as expected due to the stressful conditions they are in. They may get more into drinking of alcohol and neglect exercise. The diabetes patients may also forget to check their glucose levels, and may not have enough time to plan on the required meals. Stress will therefore affect the persons suffering from diabetes more as they will poorly manage their health situation.

Apart from heart attack and diabetes, there are common impacts of stress on the well-being of individuals.

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