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Breaking Stereotypes of Tarot Readings

If you’ve never visited a tarot reader before, you may expect some dramatic events when you finally meet one. It’s easy to believe that, considering these people are often typecast in pop culture. But in reality, most tarot readers are somewhat of an old friend, using tarot as a practical guide to assist you as you design your own future (you do it, not some supernatural power).

What Really Happens During a Legit Tarot Reading

When you go to an ethical tarot reader, you will be treated warmly and with respect. That mysterious aura and sketchy behavior portrayed in the movies are only in the movies. Your reader will be sincere in trying to help you, which is, by the way, why they usually have this kind of work. You’ll be comfortable telling them your situation as they won’t judge you. And of course, there will be complete confidentiality so your secrets are safe, if not forgotten.
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If you are new to tarot cards, the reader will tell you their style of reading (each reader has a different approach) and answer your questions. They will let you record your session (if it’s a phone reading, they may do it for you). If something in the reading is a bit negative, they will help you overturn it. Again, you are always in charge of your life – it doesn’t merely fall on your lap. When you walk out, you’ll feel empowered or perhaps even excited.
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What Really Happens During a Legit Tarot Reading

First and foremost, you can not expect a hundred percent accuracy. Nobody can see your entire future. A reader will only see what’s in store for you based on your current situation, but you can always change gears any time you like. Once again, you are always in control.

Another thing you mustn’t expect from a tarot reader is pinning the blame on some entity or curse for your issues. That means all responsibility will be taken out of your hands, and only a con artist reader would do something like that. If they start talking you into getting a cleansing, which would cost a whole lot of money, run!

As previously mentioned, a legit tarot reading will never judge you. A reader must only help you, period. If they are making you feel ashamed, by all means, leave. Maybe you’ve been really bad, but it’s still none of their business.

Costumes are another thing tarot readers are known for in the media. Costumes are fine, but about 95% of tarot readers don’t wear them. What do they wear then? The same clothes you’ll find in your closet. Side shows out.

Finally, did you seriously think tarot readers can read your mind or anyone else’s? Again, those things only happen in the movies or books.