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A Guide to Child Safety

The minors are susceptible to trauma that have bad consequences. Unintentional accidents cannot be predicted and prevented. Nonetheless, many of the accidences are often intentional given the fact that they can be foreseen and avoided. Injury prevention involve actions that stop an injuries event from occurring. Several control measures can be put in place after an injurious event to lower the consequences including contracting Patino Law firm.

Majority of child accidents happen at home due to falls. Fatal accidents from falls are common when the child gets to fall down from a raised to a lower place as is common with stairs. Falls from a height may result in irreversible damages. Besides if there are damaged areas on the ground then the fall becomes even more serious.
Many kids also easily drown in water despite such accident being highly preventable. For a child drowning does not necessarily happen in large water bodies such as the oceans. An infant can be drowned in the bathing bucket that has water to a height of three centimeters only. A prevention mechanism, therefore, involves ensuring that any water in the bucket is not left open around the home.

The skin of a child is very sensitive hence more prone to burns. Temperatures that feel lukewarm to the mother’s skin can be hot enough to burn a child. The area in which a child is most likely to get an injury is around the kitchen and therefore it is important to place a door. As the child grow old they can be taught some basic safety measures in the kitchen then allowed to help in preparing meal.

Accidents also do occur as a result of eating poisonous things. All chemicals should be placed far away from areas that are accessible to children. Some vegetation growing across the compound are also dangerous to babies if consumed.
As the child is initiated to eating solid food they are likely to be chocked once in a while. What is more dangerous is those swallowing coins and other small things that easily chocks. Bones from fish are very dangerous when swallowed by children. Plastic bags are very dangerous as they can chock a child to the point of killing them.

Children of school going age are often at more risk of playground injuries. The playground needs to be checked and managed to reduce incidences of risks. The play equipment should be specified for specific age group and signs should also be read to children so as to direct them safely when they are playing.

If a child gets injured the person who was taking care of them can be taken to the court to answer for their negligence. There are specialized advocates in the Patino Law Firm that can help with filling and arguing of injury case so as to get justice.