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While lock-on performance remains to be not so good as Snapdragon chipsets, the accuracy is fairly shut. Stability is even higher on the Excite 501o, as can be seen in the GPS observe logs beneath I took with both the Excite 501o and the Galaxy Observe three. Nonetheless, I do have some doubts with the end result as both phones were sliding around while I used to be driving. I might be doing another GPS log tracking session with both telephones correctly mounted on the dashboard and I might be updating this quickly.

The Excite 470q’s screen is just really shiny. Additionally, the deviation you see in the wifi looking test on the Excite 470q is because of the lower than optimum wifi pickup. If you happen to’ve seen, the wifi looking test on the Excite 470q is over an hour shorter compared to the video playback test. On the Rio, the deviation is simply 20 minutes. Stronger wifi pickup means less energy to eat maintaining sign strength. I conduct my wifi looking battery test 6 meters away from the router with one wall in between to simulate extra lifelike circumstances.

The standby time is phenomenal and you can leave your cellular knowledge on all the day without worrying about its influence on battery life. Overall, the Fuze should simply final a number of days with light use (calls, text and lightweight browsing only), two to three days with reasonable use (a bit little bit of every little thing), and a full day of pure, abusive use (high brightness, cellular data on, mix of everything).

Surprisingly, you possibly can enable the LED flash to fireside even when night mode is activated. Plenty of telephones do not permit this. The flash performance on the Fuze is not spectacular, but it’s highly usable and it might adequately illuminate topics up to 2 meters distance. Combined with night mode, shots taken of shut subjects even in pitch black situations are usable.