Is WordPress better or Joomla? 

Selecting a Content Management System (CMS) is a critical decision, which can have a big impact on your website. Many CMS options are available today with each one having its advantages and disadvantages. There are 2 CMS platforms that can be compared directly – WordPress vs. Joomla.

Both of these platforms are quite popular for their extensive customization options, active communities, and ease-of-use. While WordPress and Joomla have got their own set of advantages and disadvantages, they both can be leveraged for building feature-filled and modern sites. That being said, how can you decide on the right CMS platform for you?

Well, in this piece of article we will discuss both these CMS platforms and finally conclude which one can be the best for building a robust site. 

WordPress vs. Joomla

The fundamental difference between WordPress and Joomla is that the latter began as a CMS platform designed to build portal-like websites, whereas the former was a blog-oriented platform originally. That being said, however, these days, both WordPress, as well as Joomla, are capable of running any kind of website.

Here is a comprehensive comparison between WordPress and Joomla:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If we compare WordPress and Joomla based on their SEO abilities, Joomla may seem to take a greater edge as it enables its users for setting keywords and Meta descriptions for the new articles. That being said, talking about the plugins of both the CMS platforms, WordPress’s Yoast SEO plugin is quite robust and offers many necessary features. Although the Easy Frontend SEO (EFSEO) is probably the best Joomla equivalent of Yoast, it still cannot match up with Yoast. Because of this reason, the SEO ability of WordPress is better than that of Joomla.


WordPress does not ship with the fundamental features like forcing an SSL connection over its dashboard. You require modifying its key files for enabling it. That being said, Joomla ships with an option for forcing connections over SSL. In addition to that, it also provides its security extensions. Hence, it is very clear that Joomla offers better security in comparison to WordPress. 

Customization Potential

Talking about the major plugins on both the CMS platforms, the offerings of WordPress seem to have a higher subjective polish. This is best reflected by the comparison between the Yoast SEO and EFSEO done previously. While EFSEO offers features equivalent to its WordPress counterpart, Yoast SEO provides an overall better experience. Hence, the customization potential of WordPress is greater in comparison to Joomla.

In some of the ways, Joomla offers more flexibility in comparison to WordPress. It offers a very customizable system, which can take any and every shape you desire. Moreover, it equips its users to implement many smaller customizations without extensions. That being said, however, between WordPress and Joomla there can just be a single winner, and from the above discussion, it is clear that WordPress takes the crown.