Technology for Health and Wellness

In this modern era everyone should be able to leverage the power of technology in all areas of expertise and work, one of the very highly visible example is in medicine and health. Technology is currently a very important role in the medical world, as is evident by the many product and medical devices that have sprung up. These tools are very supportive and direct the performance of medical functions play an active role in the medical field. For example, the information system used to record a patient’s medical records are electronically. Technology information is also widely applied to various medical devices, such as the CT scan (computer tomography).

Medical and health information use of modern technology today and will come click here for more information. The following is a medical device which is the application of technology:


CT- stands for Computed Temography while Scan is a photograph. So that the function of this tool is nothing but to produce images of the parts inside of the body with a more complete and accurate. This is because the image produced from CT-Scan is a photograph (image) of the body in the form of slices.


People are more familiar with this medical device called Rontgen. This tool is used to find out the inside of the lungs in particular. X-ray function works with the use of the radiation beam.


This medical device is a tool that serves to cleaning the blood. Moreover, laparoscopy is also used for insemination.

Blood check tool

The tool checks the blood usually has three functions in one device. In addition to checking blood sugar levels, can also be used to check uric acid and cholesterol in the blood. Used in disease screening, cholesterol, gout, diabetes, and others.

Ultrasonography (USG)

Ultrasound is often used to see the development of the fetus in a pregnant woman’s body, to check the existence of other diseases in the body such as cancer, myoma, and so forth.

Electrocardiography (ECG)

Electrocardiography is a medical devices whose function is to record the electrical activity of electro or that occurs in the heart. The results can be seen on the electrocardiogram. Usually used in diseases related to the functioning of the heart.

Gamma Camera

Gamma Camera is used to process the gamma radiation of the human body to be used in the form of images to a diagnostic purposes.


PET / CT is a medical diagnostic tool most advanced in the world today, this tool uses anatomy way to do the imaging examination of the function, metabolism and high sensitive receptors and to check for the presence of cancer is small though and the detection of cancer at an early stage. This level of precision diagnostic reach 90{75af763658aa3dc00bf719b2c5879dcdaf21feca13394ebe07f289185074de85}.


This medical tool used to measure blood pressure or blood pressure. Used for examination of patients with hypertension, anemia, and others. There are two types namely sphygmomanometer mercury sphygmomanometer and digital sphygmomanometer. Mercury sphygmomanometers abroad are now banned for use again because of the danger of water if the mercury sphygmomanometer is broken. Digital sphygmomanometers own more sophisticated and practical to use, but the price is more expensive than conventional ones.

There are many other medical devices that are the result of technological sophistication that is directly related to health, a lot of the technology used in the world of health, simply is: Computer / Laptop, Printer, Scan Machine, and others.