Tips For Hiring An Independent Contracting Company For Your Business

When you have a business, whether it is small or large, you may find yourself needing to hire an independent contracting company to help you with something. It could be for something as simple as cleaning or organizing. On the other hand, it may be for hiring a company to do something more complex such as thermal evaporation services from a company like No matter what the services include, there are some basic tips that any company can follow in order to make the hiring of an independent contractor a little simpler.

Legal Stuff

When a company hires an independent contractor, they will not have to withhold taxes from their checks or pay them any type of benefits. The IRS knows that in many cases there is room for them to get abused. This is why businesses who hire many independent contractors have a higher risk of getting audited. To keep things easier, it is always best to let the contractors have most of the control over the services.


Before letting any independent contractor perform any services at your place of business, it is essential that there is a signed and agreed-upon contract to have settled. The contract should include things such as services to be performed, the notion that no taxes are going to be withheld from the paycheck and that there is to be no solicitation of employees or other clients. This is typically known as a “Nonsolicitation clause.” It should also be clearly stated on the contract that the independent contractor may be terminated if the work done is considered substandard, the deadlines are missed or if the terms of the contract become violated in any way.

Pay And Ownership

This can also be included into the contract but is important enough to note on its own. The pay for any service should be outlined and clearly understood by both parties before work begins. Additionally, it should also be clear and understood who owns the right to whatever work was completed. Typically, independent contractors give up rights to their work once it is completed and they are paid for it.

Owning a business is a lot of work and for some it is necessary to hire the help of outside workers or independent contractors. They can be a blessing for businesses when the right ones are hired for the job. Always make sure both sides are fully aware of what is expected before signing the contract.