4 best benefits of VPS hosting for enterprises in India

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As we speak about the rise of MSMEs in India, it is equally important to shed light on the fast rate of adoption of VPS in the Indian markets. With regards to hosting VPS India has emerged as a market that has moved from shared to VPS and other types of hosting services. One of the reasons is the flexibility provided by VPS to its deployers mainly because it is easy to add or remove resources and integrate applications that boost hosting. Additionally, enterprises that have purchased VPS for their business website trust the same because of VPS’ ability to provide security and privacy. These are only a few reasons why VPS is emerging as a preferred option. But to know in detail, we urge you to read some key points and understand what are the 4 best benefits of hosting VPS if you are an enterprise in India. 

1. It is cost and eco-friendly

One of the key benefits of deploying VPS in India is that it allows enterprises to maintain a balance when it comes to economy and ecology. This is important for enterprises as they are always looking to reduce their carbon footprint in a bid to contribute to the ecosystem. Additionally, by deploying VPS India as a market of small medium enterprises has grown radically because the cost to deploy and operate VPS is minimal. 

2. Provides unmetered bandwidth

For most businesses, traffic on the website to sales from website is an important conversion metric. Mainly because this helps them determine the success of their online efforts. For Indian MSMEs, the story is no different. As most enterprises in India push their online efforts to gain more traffic onto their websites, bandwidth becomes a focus point for the hosting. It is the bandwidth that decides whether a website can take ‘x’ amount of traffic or not. 

Hence, enterprises in India are choosing hosting solutions not just based on security but also basis bandwidth. Talking about the demand for VPS India as a market has realised that traffic growth is inevitable and needs to be supported with a hosting that facilitates unmetered bandwidth. To choose such a plan one does not necessarily need deep pockets. But surely a sound mind to make better decisions. So going ahead, while choosing a provider check if they facilitate unmetered bandwidth.

3. Security and safety of hosting 

Not many experts put emphasis on the safety of hosting environment while choosing a plan for VPS in India. Two key reasons – One they assume that the provider is taking care because this is their responsibility, two they think that security as a problem can be resolved by integrating anti-viruses only. In all honesty, both approaches are wrong. While selecting a hosting provider, enterprises have started looking at the hosting environment where their servers are set as a critical factor. Not just that but also their assembly lines, their tech infra etc. If this entire setup is safely maintained and stored then the chances of attacks or even security problems are reduced. Hence, for VPS India based enterprises are not too worried about these factors because most providers and facilitators of the same, take care of these elements.

4. Privacy for deployers

In order to maintain secrecy of data that is stored at a server level, privacy is of utmost importance. Deployers cannot avail the same with shared hosting because it is based on a different principle altogether. So whenever a business owner wants control over his hosting or the information of his website to be secure and private, VPS is an ideal option because it not only begets privacy but helps deployers to maintain a level of discrepancy by not letting their data be shared by any other hosting consumer. This has been one of the key reasons to deploy VPS in India. 


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the 4 crucial benefits of hosting VPS as an enterprise. It is by common practices and choices across industries that we feel VPS has become a top choice for most enterprises. Also, please do not mistake it for VPS cloud because its working principle is much different that SSD VPS. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below. We will try our best to answer your questions.