How To Be An Amazing Boss

The worst thing about being a bad boss is that many people don’t even realize it. They are under the impression that their employees like them. If you have noticed that whenever you enter a room, the conversation stops, then chances are your employees don’t really like you.

In that case, creating a nice office environment won’t help. You will have to change your attitude as a boss. You can’t really run a company smoothly if your people don’t even like you. Pretty soon, they will leave the organization because they found a new workplace where their efforts will be appreciated.

Becoming a boss everyone likes requires effort, of course. Here are some tips that will help you improve your leadership skills and become an amazing leader:

Communicate professionally and often

All employees expect their managers to assess their performance honestly. If you as a manager want to provide credible feedback, you must have a good understanding of the organization’s access progress. Communication is the key to building a good relationship with someone. Communication will help you inspire as well as motivate your people.

Develop your employees and their careers

Good bosses always provide their employees with the right tools and training to unleash their full potential. That will help them in meeting and exceeding the standards set by the organization. Along with motivating them, you must also help your employees in identifying their strengths. Once in a while, dive into their daily tasks.

Build trust and improve the bond

The most important role of a boss is to bond with its team and build trust. Trust building improves communication, promotes employee engagement and encourage your employees to perform well.

Wondering how to build trust? Here are some tips:

  • First thing’s first, make sure you are always honest. Even if it is bad news, you must be transparent.
  • It is very easy to judge people on the basis of their actions. Take some time to take a closer look at the motives. That will help you in being fair.
  • Do not share the personal information of any employee. You shouldn’t be the one to gossip.
  • Your employees must believe that you are a team player and they can rely on you. Don’t ask your employees to do your work.
  • Be an empathic boss. When your employees are having a hard time, don’t be hesitate to ask them if they are doing fine.

Inspire your people

Good bosses always inspire their employees. If your employees already love what they do, just a little help from your side would be required to make them spread their wings.

  • Share your vision. Once your employees know they are a part of something important, they will be more motivated.
  • Always praise them for sharing their ideas
  • Whatever knowledge you have, share it with your people
  • Ask them to offer you feedback

Let Them Be Themselves

You must accept your employees for who they are. If you don’t, they will feel uncomfortable in the workplace. Don’t try to change their personality. Follow these:

  • If the job does not demand them to look smart, don’t implement a dress code
  • Always encourage your people to talk about their passions
  • Let them decide how they are going to achieve their goals
  • Encourage them to take ownership of their work

Value feedback

Like there are no perfect workers, there is no perfect boss. This is exactly why you must encourage your employees to openly communicate with you. Seek the feedback of your employees. Make sure you handle the negative feedback in a healthy way. This will, in fact, help you become more successful at your job.

Sometimes, you have to encourage your employees to give a feedback. Perhaps these tips might help:

  • Ask questions. For example, as them if there is anything they would like to change about how we work.
  • Some employees want to give their input but they wish to remain anonymous. Respect that and ask them to fill a survey. You will be amazed to see the response.
  • Let them know if they have any feedback to share, you would be happy to hear it.


Being an amazing boss is not everyone’s cup of tea. It depends on your leadership skills how good you will prove to be in this role. One thing is for sure, if you want people to love you, you must stay humble. You need to be approachable, friendly and easy to talk to. That way, you won’t just be invited to parties, but your employees will stay with your firm for a long time too.