How to choose fixed air conditioning?

Choosing the most suitable fixed LG ACs for your home is easier than it seems. The first thing we have to assess is the stay where we will place it and the level of energy efficiency of the appliance, which will allow us to know which one consumes the least and which has the least impact on the environment. Below you will find the keys to choose the device that best fits the characteristics of your home.

The keys

  • Pre-installation of air conditioning ducts. Check whether the house has the pre-installation done or not. If so, you could place air conditioning ducts or cassette.
  • The fixed Daikin Split ACs equipment are the most recommended when we do not have the pre-installation of the air conditioning ducts. They are installed with an outdoor unit and indoor units and require very little work.
  • The power and consumption are the first characteristics to take into account to choose an air conditioner.
  • The sound pressure is equally important. Equivalent to the noise emitted by the elements of the installation. For a bedroom it is recommended 24 decibels.
  • The filters improve air quality. They are the recommended accessories if you suffer from allergies, asthma or you want to avoid the smell of tobacco.

Considerations to know what equipment you need

If your home has a pre-installation of air conditioning ducts, choose to install duct equipment. The main advantage of these devices is that they are not visible, since they are hidden with the false ceiling. If you want to know more about this equipment consult air conditioning ducts and cassettes.

When we do not have the previous installation for the air conditioning ducts, the most recommended solution is the fixed air conditioners. When deciding on a model or another we must know the surface of the rooms to determine the power of the device and its consumption.

Fixed air conditioners allow you to acclimatize a stay in both winter and summer. They are very economical and efficient solutions.

Portable air conditioners

There are times when we cannot install a fixed air conditioner, either because we have a rental house or because we cannot put the appliance on the facade. The most recommended solution for these situations are portable air conditioners.

Power and energy efficiency

It is important that you know what your device will consume depending on your needs because, when it reaches the temperature you have programmed, it automatically switches off. Even if you acquire more powerful equipment, it does not mean that the consumption expenditure will be higher, but that it will reach the temperature you want before.

Meet the best brands of air conditioning: although all brands must meet certain standards to go to market, there are some that are better than others for their innovation or quality.

It is also important that the air conditioning equipment have a heat pump system. Its high energy efficiency and respect for the environment make it an intelligent way of air conditioning our home in cold weather.