Tips for Choosing and Buying Laptop Qualified

Tips on choosing a quality laptop and buy a laptop that suits your needs. Starting from the question a friend, how to choose a good quality laptop, I would love some tips on how to choose a quality laptop. I deliberately write here because perhaps many readers who also are confused how to choose a good laptop. I think it’s buying or looking for a laptop as a mate. Why is that ? because in choosing a laptop is not only the physical form or just external, but also must also fit with us. Fitting here means, fitted to the needs that we will use later with laptops we buy, fitting in use, comfort, perfection of love, and of course fits in personal finances as well. Adjust your spending with the best credit card in

Tips for Choosing a Qualified Laptops

Before we get into the matter need, I would love the bit about the difference in notebook, notebooks, and laptops. Netbooks have screen sizes ranging from 6-13 inches, and certainly do not have a high specification, usually on netbooks just planted medium-class processor, and also another special characteristic is netbooks are not equipped with a DVD – ROM. Notebook itself has a screen size of 13.1 – 18 inches, customarily specifications offered are adequate and almost equivalent to an ordinary PC, the notebook is also equipped with a processor that is qualified, hard drive big enough capacity, and usually also equipped with a DVD – ROM, but there are also notebook that did not include it because of the demands in terms of thinness of the notebook itself. Next is a laptop that customarily has the largest size with screen sizes above 18 inches and of course also heavier. But now it is quite difficult to distinguish where laptops where a notebook, because I think the notebook is the regeneration of the laptop itself, in other words, is a form of laptop notebook days now. Tips – tips on choosing a good laptop and quality:

Adjust With Your needs

First we must consider our own needs, would be used for what we buy laptop later. To make it easier I divided into three main categories:

laptop office

For the needs of light such as browsing, listen to music, task, or just play games mild. Does not require a high specification, enough to meet the needs – needs associated with the office (read: price Cheapest 4GB Laptop RAM).

Laptop Graphic Design

Your needs are related to graphics and color. Occasionally used for word processing and also plays a mid-level games. Using a laptop as an entertainment center as well as to the employment needs (read: List of the Best Graphic Design Laptop).

laptop Gaming

You are more used to playing these games needs heavy, with a long enough period, requires a stable performance, the display quality is crisp and clear. Used occasionally watch movies with high quality as blueray (read: List of Cheap Laptops For Best Game).

Type Laptop

It is also important to pay attention to what kind of laptop that we will buy it later, tailored to the needs and budget we had, of course. Suppose we need the type of gaming grade laptops. Then adjust the same first budget in the bag because certainly kind gaming laptop has a specification that has a very qualified, and of course the price is not less conspicuous.

First make sure that we have enough budget or not to buy a laptop that we needed, not because it already need really forget the budget of their own pockets.

Brands can also become a factor in determining the choice in buying a laptop. Not that I am just a pro at several brands (vendors) only certain, but more emphasis on the benefits of what is carried by a brand of the laptop itself. Let’s take the example of Toshiba’s well known as a laptop resilient and have a lifespan that is relatively longer than other brands. Asus has the best service services.

Warranty & Service

Warranty is one of the things we have to consider in choosing a laptop, because usually the length of time the warranty might be a hint of a product that has a good quality or not. For example, Asus laptop, he dared to give a warranty up to 2 years. Or Dell with their confident, when your laptop is damaged, it would have to be replaced with a new one. In buying a laptop make sure the availability of service center, try location service center is not much, or at least in your city. This will make it easier in case there will be obstacles or damage to the laptop is purchased, so the damage or the existing constraints can be quickly resolved.

Check before leaving the store

For this one, of course, can only be done by you are buying a laptop offline, ie in the store a laptop. For one thing, this property is important, because for men