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Greek tekhnologiā, systematic remedy of an art or craft : tekhnē, skill; see teks- in Indo-European roots + -logiā, -logy.

In 1799, police constable Ichabod Crane is sent to the village of Sleepy Hollow, to research a series of murders by which the victims have been found decapitated. A big fan of progressive investigative strategies reminiscent of finger-printing and autopsies, Crane arrives in Sleepy Hollow to learn by the inhabitants that the murderer just isn’t human, however is instead, a headless phantom using a black horse who terrorises the neighbourhood at night. Ichabod must use his wits and his data of forensic science to keep away from changing into a victim of the murderous supernatural spectre himself.

Non-dual traditions sanctify both the transcendent and immanent faces of God, each the heavenly and earthly facet – the ability of the one, and the facility of the various: God’s origin within the undivided unity of the one (Mysticism in its purity) and know-how in its courage to develop the presence of God from undivided oneness into new structured forms.

On the earth of robotics, hobby robotics is to skilled robotics roughly the equal to, for want of a better instance, amateur photography is to skilled pictures. Nonetheless, it covers a broad vary so it could be unfair to call hobby robotics ‘easy robotics’. As talked about earlier, robots can either be pretty easy or exceedingly complicated, however most hobby roboticists begin out with the basics. These robots usually do simple issues resembling transfer, keep away from objects and flash lights. If you want to construct a easy robot, you will discover out easy methods to right here: how one can construct your first robotic.

Many atheists have complained about how much leeway faith will get in the movie and the way certain parts of it appear to current atheism as a type of faith-based mostly religion similar to that of any faith. Whereas these assertions is probably not fully without merit, they do ignore the more constructive elements of how atheism is introduced in this fun and engaging film.