Here are the 5 Most Powerful Warships in the 21st Century

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Entering the 21st century, technology on warships is increasingly crazy and out of control.


For a country that is surrounded or at least bordered by waters, warships become one of the important fleets to defend the sovereignty of the country. This one combat vehicle continues to experience significant developments since its inception. Of course it coincided with technological developments that drove as the times progressed.


Entering the 21st century, technology adapted to warships has been increasingly crazy. Advanced features and heavy weapons at once deadly we never imagined could be picked up by a warship, now we often see in almost all the warships in the world. Below there are 5 most sophisticated warships in the 21st century from various countries.


  1. Zumwalt – United States

The name of this ship is Zumwalt. This is the most sophisticated and greatest warship that the United States now has. Futuristic impression is already visible from the sharp design of tapered, and not alias alias look alive. This battleship has a height dimension of 600 feet or 180 meters. With its sophisticated sensory system, which makes this vessel difficult to detect by radar, Zumwalt can be flexibly used for assault and defense purposes.

In the armaments sector, Zumwalt can launch 600 rocket-powered projectiles that can reach targets of up to 100 meters more. Zumwalt has also equipped Tomahawk missile missiles, aircraft crusher missiles, anti-submarine missiles. Super sophisticated warship that weighs 15 thousand tons is priced at $ 4.5 billion per unit.


  1. INS Kochi – India

This Kolkata class vessel is proof that India is self-sufficient in making warships. Kochi has started to be designed since 2009 and can be operated in 2015. With the weight of nearly touching the number of 8300 tons and 163 meters long, Kochi can go up to 53 km per hour. Figures are good for the size of the speed of a warship.

INS Kochi equipped 16 Brahmos missiles to attack fellow ships and 32 medium range missiles. Meanwhile, to anticipate the submarine attack, the ship is also armed with 4 MK 46 torpedo launchers and 2 anti-submarine rocket launcher station RBU-6000. Besides Kochi, India also has Kolkata and Chennal.


  1. Visby – Sweden

Not only Zlatan or IKEA, Sweden also have something else they can be proud of, Visby battleships. Visby’s HMS enters the corvette class, aka a small battleship. Although small, the technology does not play anyway. The proof, the body of this ship has been equipped with carbon fiber that has the ability to “disguise themselves” from screen detection.

In the arms sector, Visby has been equipped with Bosfors 57 mm 70 SAK rifles that can launch 120 projectiles per minute with a range of 17 km. There is also Saab Bofors Dynamics RBS 15mk2, a special missile to hit a warship with a warhead that weighs 200 kg.


  1. HMS Dauntless – UK

Dauntless HMS belongs to the category of 45-type crusher. The 8-thousand-ton vessel is said to be the best and most sophisticated on earth today. Radar technology and weapon systems claimed to be able to pursue the target of the smallest enemy with the highest speed though that makes it more fierce. Dauntless HMS can be filled by 190 crew members.

Initially, this country intends to build 12 ships like this. However, due to the bloated costs (one unit reached 1.5 billion pounds), they were forced to cancel it. Latest news even mentions that this ship has operational problems, such as loss of power and electrical problems that require further improvement.


  1. KRI Martadinata 331 – INDONESIA

As one of the largest maritime countries in the world, Indonesia must have a fleet that can be proud of. And the people of Indonesia can be proud, because through the cooperation of transfer of technology between INDONESIA NAVY and PT PAL with shipyard Damen Schiede Naval Ship Building from the Netherlands, created a super sophisticated warship Wars named Raden Eddy Martadinata-331.

R.E Martadinata has a weight of nearly 3 thousand tons, to be precisely 2,946 tons. The length is about 105 meters with a width of 14 meters. This ship has adapted stealth technology, making it difficult to detect by enemy radar. Speed? Maximum can be reached up to 28 knots. The vessel cost about $ 340 million.

About weaponry. This weapon system is equipped with missiles, torpedoes, to cannons to dispel and attack enemies in various fields. For example, the most powerful missile belonging to R.E Martadinata, Excocet MM40 Block 3, whose range can reach a distance of 180-200 km. then there is OTO Melara, guns located in the middle of this ship is ready to spew 85 projectiles per minute towards the enemy.


That is the 5 most advanced warships in the world today. As we said in the first paragraph, technological progress has contributed to the development of warships. In the next two decades, we may see the appearance of a much more sophisticated warship than we have described above.